Aqurance Workshop @Veeva EU Commercial & Medical summit

Can collaboration Between Incentive Management and CRM Drive Revenue Growth?

Thursday, 30  November 2017, 09:10 - 10:10

George Georgopoulos - Commercial Excellence Director, Aqurance
Vassilis Riskas - Head of BI & Sales performance management, Aqurance

European Commercial & Medical Summit

Sales Performance Management (SPM) involves observing sales practices, comparing to metrics, drawing conclusions, and then implementing changes for advancement and motivating sales reps to perform at the best of their abilities. As part of SPM, incentive management has a lot more to offer in terms of enabling salesforce. At the moment, bonus performance captures only a snapshot in time and is not highly motivating for the salesforce.

This session will examine how incentive bonus scheme management in alignment with the CRM can empower the salesforce to achieve better results, driving revenue and overall company performance.

Among others you will be able to answer to the following questions:

  • How easily can I adjust complex compensation plans?
  • How can I achieve transparency?
  • Is it possible to achieve governance and auditability?
  • Are our sales employees being compensated fairly?

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Can collaboration between incentive management & CRM drive revenue growth?

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