How to draw high-quality CLM strategy fast

According to researches, physicians use mobile devices for business and entertainment purposes, with the majority of them being younger doctors. Late estimations show that in the future, mobile health devices will unlock new ways for physicians to care, treat and communicate with patients.

This fact is a huge opportunity for Life Sciences industry to relate harmoniously with them and to walk a step further to maximize sales effectiveness. Sales reps need to change their mindset and to be coached on how to use digital platform as well as, how to keep undiminished doctors’ interest during the product detailing.

Are you truly happy with your sales strategy? Does your fear of discarded leaflets hinders your success?

Traditional means of interacting with physicians haven’t been 100% effective and it is easy to understand that print campaigns compared to CLM, fail to increase physician’s engagement and at the same time, there is no campaign feedback.

Yet, production of leaflets isn’t budget-friendly and definitively not environmental friendly.

With a Closed Loop Marketing strategy you can look for behavioral patterns by capturing physician’s feedback, interests, opinions and perceptions. This feedback will help you better segment and optimize your content.

The concept is easy to describe, but very hard to achieve. Pharma usually uses some or all of the channels but often information is not fed back into a CRM or BI solution.

Integration is crucial and when it is done, organizations will be able to play with Big Data.

CLM strategy is about using customer feedback to drive intelligent detailing, thus closing the loop. It is occasionally confused with e-detailing, although e-detailing is an integral part of CLM. E-detailing is about using multimedia rich technology in the sales detailing process. CLM on the other hand is when customer data, captured during the e-detailing process, can feed back your marketing campaigns and drive up sales performance.

6 steps that will lead you to success:

  1. Establish your goals
  2. Design your digital strategy
  3. Create compelling relevant content to grab the attention of physicians during sales rep visit
  4. Incorporate in your business strategy the right tools
  5. Gather necessary insights
  6. Give the right message to the right person

Moreover, using cloud computing you can quickly access your data and work anywhere, anytime.

With Aqurance you can create innovative models for improving customer interaction effectiveness.  We can implement and support your digital strategy as well create and integrate your digital content.