Enhance Customer Experience in Life Sciences 2017 – What happened


Highlights from the recent Enhance Customer Experience in Life Sciences 2017.

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How do you embrace CX in Pharma?
This question appeared on the intro video during Enhance Customer Experience in Life Sciences 2017 conference. Customer Experience (CX) is at the center of everything that has to do with building a brand – it’s common knowledge already and no more relatively new term in Pharma.

We know CX in Pharma is a hot topic globally and our objective was to create a meeting place for people shaping the Pharmaceutical companies of Greece and EU.
Guest speakers from top 5 global Pharma organizations were part of the journey that we did on 4th October 2017 within CX in Pharma and we’re really inspired by their amazing presentations.
From examples of multichannel strategy to the process of exploring the customer journey, we had the chance to hear the latest insights and case studies from KOL’s and Pharma’s experienced professionals.
This year the attendance was beyond our expectations; almost double than 2016’s Enhance Customer Experience in Life Sciences.
We’ve tried to walk our “Aqurance” path on critical business matters of Life Sciences and we’ve been receiving since then such positive feedback from attendees, that motivates us to move forward. In this journey within CX in Pharma we had fellow travelers from top 5 global Pharma organizations. Their amazing presentations inspired us and leveraged the event to a top-class conference.

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Guest speakers’ presentations began with Christian Buehnemann – Head Digital Strategy & Solutions at Novartis. Christian, in his presentation, entitled “Building the digital ecosystem” highlighted the parallel between nature’s ecosystem and Pharma’s digital landscape. Afterwards, Vicky Lalumiere – Head of Global CRM & Analytics at Lundbeck, in her presentation “Bridging sales reps and digital channels” introduced the enhanced role of the rep that brings additional value.

Later, Nikos Golfakis in his presentation, entitled “Transforming the Pharma business paradigm” focused on the holistic approach, leveraging technology. After that, Massimiliano Siciliano – Head of Global Internal Data Insights at Grunenthal discussed about “Customer Experience: importance and key elements” highlighting the essential importance of CX showcasing examples from leading companies.

Afterwards, Lars Jakob Rasmussen – Global Business Solution Excellence Director at Actelion, in his presentation “Managing complex commercial challenges with tailored solutions” focused on enabling commercial success with technology, demonstrating product launches from Actelion. Then, Philippe Kirby – Director Marketing & Communications at MSD International presented “Who will be the healthcare providers of the future?” underlining the importance of knowing who Pharma’s customers are and how personalization plays a critical role.

Later, Neil Archer – Area General Manager of Central and Eastern Europe at Celgene got on stage, presenting “The cohesive customer experience; beyond the technology” emphasizing that delivering better customer experience will bring competitive advantage to the organization, showcasing examples from leading companies. The last guest speaker was Andy Powrie-Smith, Director of Communications at EFPIA. Andy in his presentation, entitled: “Life, Death and a Cow” discussed about the social, political and cultural factors that shape the debate around transparency and use of data across the pharmaceutical industry.

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Beyond guest speakers, the conference agenda combined also the presentation of the recent Aqurance survey “The application of digital technology within Greek Pharma industry”.

Enhance Customer Experience in Life Sciences was sponsored by Veeva Systems, one of the most important partners of Aqurance since 2011. Jan Van Ben Burg – Vice President, Commercial Strategy Europe at Veeva systems presented “The future of customer engagement”.

Moreover, participants had the opportunity to attend interactive workshops run by Veeva Systems (The value of accelerating multichannel – moderated by Ciaran Avitabile, Director Commercial Sales Europe at Veeva Systems.) and Aqurance (Take action with real-time information – moderated by George Georgopoulos, Commercial Excellence Director at Aqurance).

By organizing Enhance Customer Experience in Life Sciences, we aim to inspire the growing community of CX Pharma professionals and encourage them to seize the digital opportunity that will bring better CX outcomes.

See below the video: