Tailored mobile apps for Pharma industry


Certified and well-trained salesforce? Reap the benefits of a Pharma gamification app.

aQucert is a quiz-like application that tests and certifies company’s products knowledge. A tailored to Pharma needs, application for boosting training process, adopting e-certification tests, in order to enhance learning and compliance, but also to preserve the employees knowledge always in high standards.


Efficiently get physicians’ consent on their email usage for marketing email campaigns.

Get signature for various invitation acceptance letters such as congress attendance, etc.

Share immediately the information of the email and consent gathering with the specific divisions of the company.

Instant delivery of a copy of the completed form to the doctor through e-mail.

Encrypts data in the app.

Flexibility of data hosting. 

Easy to use.

Updating of database in the app.

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