Pharma CRM Evaluation? 6 questions to answer

You have already selected a Pharma cloud-based CRM solution, passing through the period when comparing vendors. Look out for these features when considering pharmaceutical CRM software. Now it’s time to evaluate.

The modern Pharma marketer works very closely with sales team in order to attract prospects to their business and build trust. With a cloud based, multichannel CRM system HCP’s interactions and feedback are captured and measured. But what about efficiency? Is it worth the investment? One of the challenges that Pharma marketers are facing, is the fierce competition within the pharmaceutical industry, while sales reps need to be as efficient and on-target as possible.

Recently, the majority of digital strategies is incorporating actions on CRM, in order to boost and monitor sales force performance using one application. However there are many and more detailed factors that should be considered during evaluation.

Being in the process of CRM evaluation? The following ebook will help you to analyze better the details that matter.

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