What Pharma executives think about the industry?

We share with you some fascinating results regarding opinions and perceptions of executives that form global pharmaceutical industry. Results came from the eyeforpharma Industry Healthcheck, a fully independent survey of executives across the entire industry.

See some interesting facts below:

Competition will come from outside pharma. 59% agree that pharma’s greatest competition will be from companies other than current pharmaceutical manufacturers in 20 years’ time.

Some of the latest mHealth advancements indicate the fast moving landscape of global Life Sciences industry. A majority of health startups that specialize in digital health and applications have changed the traditional forms of the industry.

The pharmaceutical industry cannot improve its reputation sufficiently as regulations impede. 46% disagree that regulations impede the pharmaceutical industry from improving its reputation sufficiently.

Regulations and legal or medical restrictions doesn’t seem to impede the reinforcement of industry’s reputation. Most global Pharma organizations focus and try to achieve true patient-centricity. Although, ethics of personal data is a matter of huge importance that should be carefully considered.

Patient-centricity the future of profitability. 85% agree that patient centricity is the best route to future profitability.

It is difficult to deny the increasing buzz around being patient-centric and close to the patient. Pharma companies often express many ideas around putting the patient at the heart of decision-making and discussions have taken root in many countries. As the patient voice gains power and reach through mobile and social technologies it’s increasingly important for pharma to accept that patients’ views are starting to affect corporate reputations.

Selling is no longer the core skill of a sales rep. 53% agree that the ability to sell is no longer the most important skill for the pharma sales rep.

Sales reps need to change their mindset and to be coached on how to use digital platform as well as, how to keep undiminished doctors’ interest during the product detailing. Yet, they effectively maintain strong human relationships that in long term, built trust and engagement with the organization.

Target HCPs with the right visual message

Pharma needs to master the use of Real World Data. 88% believe that better use of real world data is vital to the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

The big-data opportunity is especially compelling in complex business environments experiencing an explosion in the types and volumes of available data. In the Healthcare and Pharma industries, data growth is generated from several sources, including the R&D process itself, retailers, patients, and caregivers.

Notes: Respondents work across all functions but with marketing (31%), sales (23%) and general management (16%) being the most dominant areas. The survey sample was global, with 35% of respondents having their responsibilities fall within Europe, 20% in Asia, 23% in North America, 14% from the Middle East and Africa, 7% from Japan, 6% Australia and 6% South America. 13% had global responsibilities. The respondents are relatively senior— 30% are directors whilst 9% hold C-suite positions.