Pharma’s customer experience: Success Factors

Pharma industry is currently looking for the best ways to achieve customer experience using multichannel digital strategies.

It is critical to understand customer needs across channel and to test which content is relevant to every channel. 

According to Pharma3D book, these are the success factors:

  • Right content. Patients and physicians alike want to receive relevant information, on-demand at each step of the CareFlow.
  • Right channel. They want the ability to choose the channel, format, and frequency of interaction via content and services.
  • Consistency and cadence. Interactions should be seamless and intelligent, building on knowledge gained in earlier interactions and having a consistent look, feel, and tone.
  • Access. Engaging experiences speed patients’ quick and easy access to physicians or other caregivers, when needed.
  • Privacy. All parties need the confidence that data will be kept private and confidential, not sold. The brand needs to build trust through discretion.
  • Integration. Patients and HCPs want strong links to other patient programs and to their personal technology. Marketers must adapt to the person’s preferences, not dictate them.

The following approach will be the right data combination and analysis that will help Pharma marketeers to re-evaluate and re-define the above factors.

This is an ongoing process it needs to be done one step at a time and always measuring the outcome.