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Accurate, secure and quality HCPs data.

Data is the base

Get meaningful customer engagement based on reliable and complete customer data. Rely on accurate, up-to-date information to reach your HCPs.

Complete and real-time customer view

Marketing analysis and decision making improvement

Increased efficiency of commercial teams

Contact information of healthcare professionals and outlines the structural map of the Greek healthcare environment are collected and enriched.

mdQue is a branded HCPs database developed by Aqurance, fully compliant with the Greek Data protection law. A normalized and free of duplicates database with daily enhancements.

Update requests of the users are being handled by our specialized data stewards’ team, who continuously curates the database. Each update is validated by an internal process and then published through mdQue.

mdQue is an HCPs database that can be smoothly integrated into your CRM and get updated on a regular basis.

Matching | Merge | Clearing

Enrichment with on-demand data

Quality assessment

Training in making data queries

Veeva Open Data –empowered by Aqurance mdQue is available in Greece.

The Veeva OpenData Partner Program establishes a partner ecosystem to make it easy for life sciences companies to access and maximize their customer data.

Singular Focus on Life Sciences

mdQue delivers complete data for healthcare professionals and institutions, ensuring the accuracy and quality through rigid automated procedures and validated by database stewards.






Hospital Departments


  • Daily update
  • Data stewards team
  • Multi data sources integration
  • Syndicated input
  • Pharma industry experience
  • Smooth integration into CRM
  • Targeting & Segmentation

Well-structured, cleansed, normalized, updated data make essential input for business analytics solutions accurate reporting.

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