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Holistic, customer-centric strategy by implementing multichannel CRM

We design pharma and biotech multichannel campaigns, effectively utilizing trending technology, to bring a personalized customer experience.

At every touchpoint: 

right place, right time, right device 

Making multichannel a competitive advantage

We tailor digital strategies specifically conceived for your brand and audiences. Helping you visualize scientific knowledge and outcomes with rich interactive and creative visual content.

Digital technology can arm pharma sales force with digital tools that can quickly deliver significant and usable insights.

Attracting HCPs’ attention by leveraging digital technology is the key to building long-lasting relationships with HCPs.


Build and manage personalized customer journeys with Marketing Cloud.
Aqurance team helps Pharma companies to deliver meaningful content to HCPs via multichannel communication and delivers trusted solutions from strategy to technology setup.

Marketing Cloud focuses on managing the customer journey. Messages are optimized in real-time, based on a customer’s unique response. Communications can be sent via email, SMS, advertising, etc., from the same place.
Our experienced team implements SFMC, manages services, creates content, runs campaigns, and integrates the Marketing Cloud with Veeva. Our expertise in both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Veeva CRM stands out.

Partnering with the leader in cloud based software for Life Sciences to bring you Commercial Excellence. Simplified.

Multichannel Veeva CRM Certified
Pharma industry experience
International & local expertise
Tailored to customer needs

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Evaluate the level of adoption

Life Sciences companies have invested greatly in implementing CRM & MCM tools in multiple countries or regionally. Following the initial roll-out and training of users, it is essential to measure the level of adoption of the system by the users and identify possible areas for improvement of the change management process. Design and implementation of corrective actions specifically for these needs is our purpose.

A holistic process plan for evaluating the CRM/MCM user engagement has been designed. The cornerstone of such a plan should always be the setting and reviewing of the targets and KPI’s.

Bring value to your organization by partnering with our experts.