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Helping your teams to adopt better in change management process

Your team plays such an important role in the leverage of the CRM software of an e-detailing material or an app. Technology itself doesn’t improve business operations. People that embrace the new tools will.

The empowerment of the salesforce within the organization will bring success and a smooth transition towards the new business norm.

Training services focused on pharma industry

Helping users to get familiar with mobile technology

Communicating with users in their language

Enabling users to harvest CRM capabilities

Teaching tips and easy-to-use techniques

Train the trainer programs

Veeva CRM applications & modules training

Evaluate the level of adoption

Life Sciences companies have invested greatly in implementing CRM & MCM tools in multiple countries or regionally. Following the initial roll-out and training of users, it is essential to measure the level of adoption of the system by the users and identify possible areas for improvement of the change management process. Design and implementation of corrective actions specifically for these needs is our purpose.

A holistic process plan for evaluating the CRM/MCM user engagement has been designed. The cornerstone of such a plan should always be the setting and reviewing of the targets and KPI’s.

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