Offering an integrated approach to commercial excellence from CRM & Multichannel services to Market Research & Business Intelligence.

Our team has proven success with Veeva implementations, as well as experience of managing large-scale deployments that span more than 50 countries.

Our approach & methodology:

  • Helping the customer to have a successful CRM roll-out, on budget and on time, following a tailored approach, aligning to commercial needs and interests.
  • Addressing the critical business challenges of the organization, customizing tailored modules related to specific business processes.
  • Playing a crucial role into change management activities and training programs, an approach which enabled a smooth transition towards the new business norm.

We have an in-house dedicated team, with certified developers, designers and account managers with scientific background, that help you to take full advantage of the dynamics of customer engagement.

Enhance your business performance:

  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Apps & Videos
  • Website design
  • Social Media
  • Consulting

Integrated business solutions for Life Sciences

Helping Pharmaceutical organizations to digitally transform and

navigate their way into customer journey.

Our in depth understanding of what drives the pharmaceutical industry in our days, can help you develop and implement successful strategies.

Our approach & methodology:

  • Pharma focus – 360° view: Fully dedicated to Life Science industry needs.
  • Tailor made solutions & Syndicated data: Meet objectives with traditional & innovative methodologies.
  • Consulting & In-depth analysis: Insights that increase your understanding.

Following a specific approach that helps Pharma companies to align better with their digital transformation goals. We run a series of digital enhancement workshops for many Pharma organizations – analyzing concerns & challenges and helping the organization to achieve effective digital communication engaging people and culture

Bring value to your organization by partnering with our experts.