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Innovations, latest technology trends and best practices for Pharmaceutical industry in VECMS.

Couple of days ago Aqurance team traveled to Madrid for #VECMS – Veeva European Commercial Summit.

Since 2013, Aqurance is golden sponsor of VECMS, one of the largest European events dedicated to commercial and medical affairs professionals in life sciences.

Aqurance, is a certified agency in all Veeva solutions (Veeva CLM, Approved Email, Vault, the Engage Product Family, and MyInsights).

Moreover, a Veeva Open Data partner, offering a wide range of Veeva services to more than 50 companies.

Aqurance_Veeva Summit 18

In this, three intense days gathering, Aqurance team had the opportunity to network with KOL’s of global Life Sciences industry and share insights with existing customers. Team had the pleasure to meet at Aqurance booth many Pharma executives. VECMS is the right spot to engage in conversations about delivering successful global Veeva projects.

VECMS was a valuable and enlightening experience, full of impressive keynote sessions and educational workshops. Over 1,000 industry leaders arrived at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel in Madrid to explore what’s new in the industry, experience the latest technology trends, and share best practices.

VECMS featured many Veeva customers and experts from top5 Pharmaceutical companies, who shared their views on the future of customer engagement.

Veeva Systems announced many product releases such as: Veeva Nitro (next generation commercial data warehouse), Veeva Andi (Artificial Intelligence Engine), Veeva Vault Medcomms, Veeva Oncology Link and Veeva CRM Events management.

Aqurance_Veeva Summit 18_2

Veeva Heroes awarding ceremony took part and this year Aqurance team celebrated along with two of five Veeva Heroes: Massimiliano Siciliano from Grunenthal and Dianne Goodburn from Indivior.

It has been an exciting journey implementing Veeva MyInsights for Grunenthal team and Veeva CRM for Indivior team!

Aqurance_Veeva Summit 18 awards