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The future of data analysis belongs to tools that enhance data visibility through intuitive data visualizations and self-discovery analytics that uncover hidden correlations between actions and results.

Α global, EU headquartered, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business with the objective to become the most patient-centric company and a leader in therapy innovation. The customer was looking for a way to automatize the extraction of CRM data and data from other sources (ERP, sales etc.) and harness these data into insights. In detail, some years ago, the organization invested in a cloud solution, getting all its data on a single platform, but without moving forward integrating this data, discovering insights and bringing valuable knowledge to executives. The main challenge was to bring everyone to the same view, and facilitate internal procedures of reporting and sharing insights. With the advancement of data visualization and analytics software, the main objective was to quickly discover insights for better decision-making that would align with the company’s new vision.


The need for automatization is getting more and more urgent for business functions such as business intelligence and commercial excellence. Pharma companies are looking for insights by hand, trying to integrate data and derive insights. Data-driven decision management (DDDM) is an approach to business governance that values decisions that can be backed up with verifiable data. The success of the data-driven approach is reliant upon the quality of the data gathered and the effectiveness of its analysis and interpretation.


Aqurance’s team of analysts examined the barriers that the customer was facing and designed a custom project plan that helped the customer to use one of the most effective BI tools, to harness the power of data visualization. The first step was to filter and group customer’s data from different sources (CRM, ERP, sales) and to consult the customer team about the appropriate objects that will/would be exported. Besides that, a detailed analysis of customer’s CRM data to identify the client’s specific needs for reporting has been done.

The second phase involved the expansion of the reports to include other sources (i.e. Sales, Target Objectives and Expenses) to provide deeper insights of sales vs performance. A team of Data Scientists, CRM specialists, BI developers and technical assistants were assigned to the project. This team of highly trained experts that have an extensive track of records on similar Pharma Analytics projects using a variety of BI Tools, including Microsoft SQL Server, Qlikview, Tibco Spotfire, Business Objects, etc. fulfilled project’s targets and met customer’s needs.

BI systems can effectively follow CRM changes in a reasonable time frame, taking into consideration the inherent complexity and multipart components of which they consist.

3 key takeaways

Aqurance provided Business Intelligence services to the customer and delivered accurate and valuable outcomes to the organization.

It is very interesting to see all that quantity of information, gathered and structured in insights and reports. We’ve focused on bringing everyone to the organization in front of the same view and standardize global business processes. Now, we see the value of sharing this awareness to the team and we constantly optimize the decision-making.” 

reported the BI manager of the company and project leader of the analytics implementation. By leveraging business intelligence, the customer enabled:

Better visualized - graphical presentation of the data
Less maintenance cost and effort for keeping the BI reports aligned with the changes in CRM
Less time required for modifications

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