AQURANCEUnderstanding doctors’ attitudes can drive better sales

promotionally based attitudinal segmentation mechanism can offer the ability to identify the appropriate strategies, tactics and messages for each physician-target. It allows for the identification of the bases of their divergent needs.

This process aids in the identification of the emotional and behavioral triggers of each group and then ultimately helps in the examination of how these triggers shape the physician’s perception of a product, a sales force line and a company.

What makes an effective sales representative different?

Its ability to identify the unique, subtle characteristics of a physician that will enable him or her to appeal directly to that HCP’s needs and desires on behalf of the company’s products.

Create a simple algorithm able to segment physicians accurately

Traditional segmentations are often built from a single therapeutic category, and have heavy treatment pattern influence.

Moving beyond therapeutic categories

Physician behavior is similarly guided by both their practice needs and their belief sets. They treat many different diseases and patients, but have overriding attitudes about the practice of medicine, how they run their offices, and how they choose to interact with their patients, medical representatives and pharmacos.

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